CreateTrade Capital | Providing Supply Chain Financial Services across the USA
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About Us

CreateTrade Capital (CTC) is one of the premier providers of Supply Chain Finance Services not related with a commercial bank in the United States. We are accredited by the Bankers Association for Finance and Trade (BAFT), International Factoring Association (IFA), Commercial Finance Association (CFA) and the Turnaround Management Association (TMA).

CTC offers the perfect bridge finance options to a wide selection of industries, small businesses, and vendors by providing prompt early payment and flexible payment terms to buyers. Our Goal is to offer trade finance instruments to assist our clients in fulfilling Sales Orders. With approved credit for commercial transactions, this program offers our clients  cash flow to fulfill orders and grow their businesses.
IFA - International Factoring Association
Turnaround Management Association


The CreateTrade Capital (CTC) proven method of Financial Services allows our clients to grow their businesses and sales outside of current cash flow or credit constraints.  We have helped companies across United States including manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

CTC provides pre and post-shipment finance for U.S. organizations and distinguishes itself with providing prompt, reliable services.  We offer financing for clients that have end-user customers in the United States.  We finance domestic and international sales orders ranging in value from US$50,000 and up.  We can fund up to 100% of the order.  Our programs offer perfect bridge finance by providing vendors with prompt, early payment. This unique business process seeks to ensure that both importers and exporters have a mutually beneficial trade relationship.

Importer Advantages


  • Take advantage of discounted pricing.
  • Improve payment terms.
  • Grow within a stable working capital cycle.
  • Improve margins enhancing EBITDA.
  • Enhance debt position with no impact to bank debt ratios.

Exporter Advantages


  • Increase demand for goods.
  • Reduce trading risk.
  • Increase liquidity.
  • Accelerate cash flow.



  1. Customer sends CTC its Purchase Request.
  2. CTC sends the vendor a Purchasing Request and Payment.
  3. Vendor issues a PAID Invoice + shipping documentation.
  4. Vendor ships the goods directly to the Customer.
  5. CTC issues an Insured invoice to the Customer.
  6. Customer pays CTC 90 days later*.

Other Services

Are you operating outside of the United States and would like to evaluate opportunities located here?

Our Team will support you by providing solid resources to expand your client network to the United States. Our expansive business network can assist you in managing your business with knowledge and expertise, and provide all the professional resources necessary to operate in the U.S. including Supply Chain Finance instruments and other services like:

Line of Credit:
Providing working capital based on inventory assets.

Referral Network: 
Help you to find alternative financing services and resources.

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Supply Chain Financing

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